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इश्क़ का आक्रोश

Originally posted on मेरी लेख:
ऐ इश्क़ पिया दर्द जो मैंने ख़ुश हम , वो पल अब भी याद है दिया दर्द जो तूने सब हो कर भी यूँ बर्बाद हैं .. वो ख़्वाबों का सहर प्यार का आशियाना टूटा सपना लेकिन आशिक़ अब भी बेहोश है ! लढ रही ज़िन्दगी चल रही साँसें ऐ इश्क़ तुझमें…


A slight breeze brushed my hair.soothing sound of waves fill my ears as i close my eyes.what a perfect end to an exhausting day! My eyes open to the breathtaking beauty of nature,an intense combination of colours red orange pink yellow.As the sun touches water ,ocean starts mimicking the colors of the sky. it feels … Continue reading GOD’S OWN DISTICT


Slipping beneath the pillow’s spell, I stroll towards a distant land, Land of my secrets; There,I find my deepest desires, I face my fears,I face me; I chase after a shimmering star; Oh its so far! Seems like a scintillating diamond Drifting farther away; Path in between is a fatal web of lies and betrayals, … Continue reading Dreams

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